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Expert assistance and advice in real estate short sales, lender negotiations and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program

Considering Selling? I have many South Florida home buyer leads and I may already be working with the buyer for your home. 

Call Larry Autrey at   before you sign anything with an agent! 

You can always sign their contract later but if you call me first you might save thousands of dollars and your home sale faster and smoother than could have ever imagined. Call me right now at  for a quick, zero presssure conversation to find out if I can sell your south Florida home faster than you imagined and at a price you're happy with.

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I'd Like an Opportunity to Interview for the Job of Selling Agent.

You can take my ideas and strategies for selling your home and share them with the expert who best matches your personality and style. All I ask is that you give me a chance to explain what the others won't because they either 'don't know' or because they feel it's not in their personal best interest. Your best interests are my only interest when it comes to selling your home.

My Easy-Exit Listing Agreement Allows You to Rest Easy.

Cancel our listing agreement at any time and for any reason if you're not satisfied with my performance. My sole purpose is to serve your best real estate interests. In order to do this successfully, I'll need you to want me on your team. If you ever feel your best interests would be served by cancelling the listing agreement, you just let me know and it's done. Pretty simple.

So Much More Than Just a Sign in the Yard & Some Pictures on the MLS.

Don't allow potential buyers to scratch your home off their interest list without ever seeing it in person!

These days nearly 100% of first showings happen on-line which means in order to get top dollar for your home it must be shown in its very best light and to the most people. I use a broad variety of platforms to 'highlight' your home with professional pictures. This greatly increases the chances of a second showing on location.

Attention South Florida Home Sellers...

Besides entering your property into the MLS system and showcasing it with great pictures & the use of powerful key search terms in the description for maximum "Google juice," I take it several steps further. When we meet I'll explain how I use the services below to insure that no matter where the buyer for your home happens to be in the world, if they're searching on-line for a home in your neighborhood they'll have no problem finding yours and when they do, it'll look its best.